The Touch of Artistry

The skill and expertise of our team of experienced karigars forms the backbone of what we do.

India has a rich, long history of leather production. Tanning and handcrafting skills are passed down generations, from father to son. Our modern karigars are masters of the traditional arts. With their skill and expertise and our 21st century infrastructure, we can produce upto 50,000 bags or 1,00,000 small leather products (wallets, keychains, purses) in a month at our 8,000 sq ft manufacturing unit in Kolkata.

Our team of skilled karigars have a wealth of experience. They are proficient in making products for both men and women. If you have designs or would like to customise any of our designs, we’d be happy to help.

Here are a few of the leather styles we manufacture, amongst others:

  • Cow Nappa

    Fine quality and silky to the touch, this leather is specially utilised in handbags and wallets.

  • Cow Savage

    High calibre, smooth leather that is made for handbags and wallets.

  • Hunter

    Stylish, weathered-look leather that makes stylish sling bags and wallets.

  • Cow Oil Pull Up

    Finest quality oil pull up leather that can be used in handbags and wallets.

  • Cow DDDM

    This is a high quality leather with a textured finish, as its natural grain is kept intact during the tanning process.

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